CPS Proceeds of Crime statement re Richard and Diane Brookhouse


Susan Robert of the Crown Prosecution Service Proceeds of Crime Team said: "The courts decided that the wholesale value of the drugs that Richard Brookhouse imported over 18 months and in 8 importations was £25 million.

"This is described as his "benefit" from the crime.

"It was then assessed by the Court that he personally had received about £450,000 from his role in this criminal enterprise.

"He was unable to prove to the Court that these monies had been spent and therefore these form his "realisable assets".

Because Richard Brookhouse failed to disclose to the Court and the authorities where this money is, and the authorities are unable to identify their location, they are described as "hidden" assets.

"A Confiscation Order (an order made by the Crown Court ) was imposed on 18 Feb 2016, stating he must pay this amount (£450,000) to the court within three months or serve an extra 4 years in prison in addition to his current sentence of 20 years.

"So far he has not repaid any money. The interest on the outstanding amount to date has also been calculated as £4,931 and this has been added to the amount he owes. Interest will continue to be added until the money is repaid in full.

"If there is still money outstanding when Richard Brookhouse is eventually released from prison, this order will remain in place so that any assets he may acquire in the future can be seized and be used to pay his Confiscation Order.

"Richard's wife Diane was jailed for 14 years for her role in the conspiracy. Her realisable assets were calculated at £1,090 and included a Chloe handbag, a Tag watch and cash. On 2 Feb 2016, a court order was imposed for her to pay back this amount within three months.

"Some of the £1090 has been repaid but £650 remains outstanding which is incurring interest. If she does not pay she faces a default sentence of 1 month.

"Her order will also remain in place until it is paid in full.

"Criminals do all they can to hide the money they make from their crimes or to spend it as fast as they make it.

"But the Crown Prosecution Service with the courts and the police are determined to claw back as much of their ill-gotten gains as possible and their debt to the State remains until it is all paid off."