Police officer found guilty of GBH


A Greater Manchester Police officer has been found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of grievous bodily harm.

The court heard that Andrew Hamer, who's 38, had been called to an incident at the Starbucks coffee shop in Manchester's Piccadilly in February 2012.

He'd received a report that a man - Anthony Bradbury - was being abusive.

Mr Bradbury was drunk and Hamer handcuffed his hands behind his back and took him outside.

Two other women police officers were also called to the scene and they talked to Mr Bradbury while Hamer went back inside the shop to gather more evidence.

Witnesses said the women officers had been doing a good job of calming Mr Bradbury down and the situation seemed to be under control.

However, witnesses said Hamer, who's from West Houghton in Bolton, then came back out and said, "I'm in charge now" and wanted to take Mr Bradbury "somewhere quieter".

He walked him to a Debenhams store around the corner where further witnesses said they saw him grabbing Mr Bradbury by the throat.

He was then seen to push his leg against Mr Bradburys legs, causing him to fall over.  Mr Bradbury suffered two small bleeds on the brain as a result of the fall and a fractured jaw.

Hamer had claimed that he was acting in self-defence but the jury found him guilty of assault, causing grievous bodily harm and Hamer has been sentenced to one year in prison.

The case was dealt with on Merseyside to avoid any conflicts of interest as Hamer is a serving police officer with Greater Manchester Police.

Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service Mersey-Cheshire, Richard Riley, said: "It was clear that Anthony Bradbury was drunk and had been abusive to staff when police were called and, indeed, he later pleaded guilty to a public order offence.

"But it was also clear that the person who was called to deal with him went beyond the bounds of what was needed to bring the situation under control.

"Several witnesses said they'd seen Anthony up against a wall with Hamer's hand around his throat and then saw him kick out so that Anthony's legs gave way beneath him, causing him serious injuries.

"The public have the right to expect professional and appropriate behaviour from the police. Hamer assaulted the person he had come to arrest and he must now come to terms with his actions."