Passer-by praised by judge for helping to save the life of a man who had been stabbed on New Year's Day


A passer-by who helped to save the life of a man who was stabbed on New Year’s Day in Liverpool city centre has been commended by a judge and awarded a sum from the High Sherriff's fund.

Joseph Adepetun, 21, from Toxteth in Liverpool, has been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court to 12 years in jail for stabbing a man in St Peter’s Square in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2017. The judge also added a three year extended licence to his sentence.

A group of men had been fighting outside the many clubs and pubs in the area and Callum Dunne got caught up in the fighting.

Adepetun had a knife and stabbed the victim twice, in the chest and, more crucially in the groin, severing Mr Dunne’s femoral artery.

His friends and other witnesses recall seeing a huge amount of blood around his collapsed body and were screaming for help.

Michael Harrison, a passer-by and a stranger to Mr Dunne, realised that he’d been seriously wounded and shouted to Mr Dunne’s friends to place him at the side of the road so that the ambulance could reach him more easily.

He ran over and looked at Mr Dunne’s body to find the source of the bleeding. He saw the gash to his groin and applied pressure on it to stem the flow of blood.

He stayed with Mr Dunne until a mounted police officer, PC Deborah Cashin, arrived at the scene. She then applied a makeshift tourniquet from a passer-by’s belt and tied it around the injured leg, again stemming the blood.

She later told officers that she thought Mr Dunne was going to die as his face was ashen, his eyes were rolling and he’d lost an enormous amount of blood.

A unit of armed police who’d had further first aid training then took over until the paramedics arrived and Mr Dunne was taken to Fazakerley Hospital. He survived but still needs regular physiotherapy.

Richard Riley,  a Senior Crown Prosecutor with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service said: “The judge in this case, Recorder Louise Brandon, has commended the actions of Mr Harrison and has asked that a letter be sent to Merseyside’s Chief Constable about PC Cashin.

“Both of them crucially realised that Mr Dunne’s injuries could prove fatal.

“The amount of blood he’d lost by the severing of the femoral artery was said to be tremendous. They both realised that it was key to slow down the flow of blood from the wound – yet Mr Harrison had no medical training at all and PC Cashin just basic first aid.

“There's no doubt that their actions – in the middle of the street, surrounded by hoards of partygoers and revellers in the heart of the city’s pub and club scene on New Year’s Day – saved a young man’s life and prevented a dangerous situation becoming a tragedy.

“The Crown Prosecution Service would like to add their thanks to them for their quick thinking at the time and their help to bring Mr Adepetun to justice. People who go into the city’s night time scene armed with knives are clearly prepared to use them and Adepetun is now facing the consequences.”

Recorder Brandon also praised the actions of Police Constable David Parker who also helped with first aid at the scene and Detective Constable Rachel Bradley for her skill and professionalism in investigating the case