Ocean's Twelve-style gang sentenced


A gang who targeted cash machines across the UK have been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court.

The gang would carry out an 'Ocean's Twelve-style' needs assessment on commercial premises, then decide which of their 12-strong pool of members theyd need to call upon to carry out the job.

They used two cars, one of which they loaded with pre-selected power  tools such as angle grinders.. They disabled alarms in advance and travelled in convoy to their chosen targets, which tended to be safes or ATM machines located in commercial premises all over the UK.

Businesses from Pwllheli to Portsmouth were burgled over a seven month period ,with the team clocking-up hundreds of miles to carry out the raids.

More than £203,000 of property was stolen and £51,000 damage caused.

Maria Corr, Senior Crown Prosecutor from CPS Mersey-Cheshire, said: "This was a well organised criminal enterprise, which specifically targeted commercial premises they knew had ATM cash machines and safes.

"They planned their raids thoroughly making sure they had the right tools and the right people for each separate job.
Merseyside Police worked in close co-operation with other Forces gathering evidence and building an exceptionally strong case against this criminal gang evidenced by their subsequent guilty pleas."


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