First for Liverpool as the Crown Court goes digital for the day


A whole days list will be presented at Liverpool Crown Court today using just electronic means (6th May). 

Merseyside CPS Crown Advocate, Robert Jansen, and Judge Henry Globe, the Recorder of Liverpool, will use just tablet-style electronic devices to access case information.

The day will include both Early Guilty Plea and sentencing hearings. 

It is the first time in England and Wales that a whole days list in a Crown Court has been delivered using this type of technology and with both the court and CPS working without paper.

The session follows a two-day pilot held at North Liverpool Community Justice Centre in March and demonstrates how Merseyside CPS is leading the way toward a digitial service.

Chief Crown Prosecutor, Paul Whittaker said: "We are one of the early adopter sites for electronic case files and our teams are delivering more and more of our work digitially.

"By working in this way we will be able to provide a more efficient and effective justice service."



For more information contact Sharon King, area communications manager, on 0151 239 6465.