Man jailed over £60 debt


A Merseyside man who threatened a couple with an imitation gun over a debt of £60 has been jailed for two and a half years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard James Wynne, 24, had loaned money to the victim's brother.

When he was unable to contact the debtor, Wynne went to a house in Birkenhead with the fake weapon.

The victim and his girlfriend managed to scramble back inside the house before throwing themselves to the floor, fearing bullets would be fired through the door.

Prosecutor Paul Treble said: "Wynne was standing at the end of the pathway and said something along the lines of 'Where's your brother?. He then pulled out a black gun from his waistband."

The court heard Wynne pointed the gun at his victim's head before punching him.

When arrested he told police he had used cocaine, needed money and was annoyed the debt had not been paid.

Wynne pleaded guilty to common assault and to possessing the imitation firearm with intent that the victime believed  unlawful violence would be used against him.


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