Man who held woman hostage and told her children to kiss her goodbye is sentenced


A man who held a woman hostage at knifepoint and told her two young children that they wouldn't be seeing her again has been given a 12-year sentence.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Elemir Lakatos, 47, had bound and gagged the 40 year old woman after assaulting her at her home in Dovecot on 22 May this year.

Lakatos, of Cambria Street in Liverpool, claimed he had called to the woman's house around 6.30am on the day to rekindle a relationship but the situation quickly turned violent.

He tied and bound the woman at her feet and her wrists and gagged her. He then told her two children to kiss their mother goodbye as they wouldn't be seeing her again.

The children left the house and went to a neighbour who raised the alarm.

As police officers arrived, they saw Lakatos at the window of the house, holding a large knife to the woman's throat.

They called for back-up and armed officers arrived. Lakatos was seen taking the woman from the front  to the rear of the house and back again, still holding a knife to her throat.

Officers became convinced that Lakatos was about to stab her and aimed a firearm at him. Lakatos then lowered the knife.

But when he reappeared at the window, he was holding what appeared to be a handgun to the woman's head. An officer prepared to fire at him but Lakatos moved his head behind his victim.

Officers then broke into the building and shot Lakatos. He was then taken to hospital where he was later questioned by officers.

Lakatos eventually pleaded guilty to assault, false imprisonment, making threats to kill his victim and a police officer and two counts of possessing an imitation firearm.

He has been sentenced  to 8 years in prison with a further 4 years on extended licence. A restraining order has also been imposed, forbidding him from contacting the woman and her two children.

Helen Morris, Senior Crown Prosecutor with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, has worked on the case from the start and authorised the charges.

She said: "The judge in this case decided that Lakatos was a dangerous man who used violence and terror against his victim when she ended their relationship.

"The victim's young children were forced to see their mother restrained at knifepoint and were told to kiss her goodbye as they would not be seeing her again.

"It is impossible to imagine the effect this had on the victim and her children on that day and into the future. The judge paid tribute to the actions of Merseyside Police officers in their handling of a sensitive and potentially life-threatening situation."