Man jailed for string of robberies in Macclesfield, Crewe and Staffordshire


A man who carried out a string of armed robberies across two counties has been jailed.

On 28 October 2013, Nicholas Overton, 35, originally from Sheffield, appeared at Chester Crown Court after admitting three armed robberies.

He also asked that a further seven robbery offences, one burglary, two theft from motor vehicles and an attempted theft of £7,000 be taken into consideration.

He was sentenced to six years for each charge to run concurrently.

Overton, who was on day release from prison, carried out a burglary at a photo shop in Frodsham in Chester on 23 August 2013.

He then failed to return to prison and embarked on a spate of armed robberies in Crewe, Macclesfield and Staffordshire.

Iain Criddle, Crown Advocate with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, said: "The seriousness of this man's offending and the effect the crimes had on the people unfortunate enough to witness them has been reflected in the sentence imposed by the courts.

"The Crown Prosecution Service will continue to work closely with the police to ensure those committing this type of offence are swiftly brought to justice and receive the sentences they deserve."

The police investigation saw Macclesfield NPU officers and CID detectives working alongside colleagues in Staffordshire to piece together evidence that would capture Overton.

During one of the robberies in Crewe, at a shop in Crewe Road, Haslington, Overton's watch came off when he was grappling with a shop assistant before making off. The watch was found in the shop's till and provided vital DNA evidence for the prosecution case.

DI Robert Hassall said: "There is a lot of work that goes on in the background in complicated investigations such as this, which the public don't get to see. Staffordshire did an equally good job and between them, the team in Congleton, Macclesfield and Crewe, we are seeing a dangerous man back behind bars."