Man jailed for seven years for killing his friend while high on "Spice"


A Wirral man who killed his friend on a fishing trip while high on drugs has been sentenced to seven years in jail.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Christopher Davies, 28, killed Barry O'Reilly , 37, at a fishing lake at Claremont Farm in Clatterbridge on Sunday, 15 May.

The court was told that Davies, of Town Lane in Higher Bebington, had taken the drug SPICE when the tragedy happened and witnesses described him as "going off his head".

A man called Merseyside Police just after 9.20am and described two men fighting in the water at Claremont Farm.

The caller said one of the men was being held under the water by the other who was said to be "going mental".

He told the police to hurry to the scene, that the man had "drowned his mate", put him under water and "battered him".

Shouting could be heard in the background and a man could be heard screaming "Help". Another man at the scene saw O'Reilly floating face down in the water and appeared to be dead.

He dragged him out of the water with the help of Davies and tried to revive him but failed. The police and paramedics arrived and took over attempts to resuscitate him but O'Reilly was eventually pronounced dead.

Davies later told police that he had taken the drug Spice and it had made him go off his head.  He said: 'I was smoking XXXX on a pipe and next thing my mate is dead."

Davies eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Senior District Crown Prosecutor Geoff Fryar from MerseyCheshire Crown Prosecution Service said: "Davies was under the influence of the psychoactive drug Spice when he turned on his long term friend and killed him.

"The effects of these drugs are unpredictable and on occasions such as this, tragic. It is illegal to manufacture or supply such drugs. They can, as in this case, be highly dangerous and should not be taken, however harmless the packaging might seem

"Davies was described by witnesses as going off his head after taking the drug and he took the life of Barry O'Reilly in truly awful circumstances. No doubt he will regret the events of that day for the rest of his life.

"Our thoughts remain with Mr. OReilly's family and friends at this very difficult time."