Man jailed for attempted kidnap in suburban street.


A man who tried to kidnap a woman in broad daylight on a suburban street has been sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison.

Mark Trim, who's 36, and from Estwaite Avenue, St Helens, tried to bundle the woman into his car on Cambridge Road in St Helens at 3.10pm on 3 May 2013.

The woman had been texting on her phone when she became aware of a man getting out of the driver's side of a car parked up ahead.

She didn't give this any more attention until she realised that the vehicle was parked in a way that was blocking her path.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Trim then stepped out in front of her and for a split second she thought it was someone she knew.

He then grabbed hold of her and tried to drag her into his car. She struggled and started to scream.

He then manoeuvred himself into the driver's seat and continued to try to drag her into the car.

The woman managed to pull free but her phone fell into the car and she ended up on the pavement outside of the car, screaming.

As Trim drove off, she managed to note the last three letters of the cars registration plate. 

The victim had suffered injuries to her upper body but managed to run to a passer-by and her husband for help.  They took her to a nearby shop and together they managed to piece together the full registration number of Trim's car.

The court heard that Trim is a registered sex offender.  He had told the Sex Offenders Unit that he planned a holiday for the period when the attack took place.

Robert Jansen, who prosecuted the case for the Crown Prosecution Service Mersey-Cheshire, said:  "Trim is a dangerous and persistent sex offender whose latest attack was on a woman in a street in broad daylight.

"On the evidence available, Trim had been driving around for a considerable period of time looking for a potential victim.

"The court heard of the devastating impact this has had on the victim.

"The hard work of the Crown Prosecution Service and Merseyside Police has meant this man is now in prison for a considerable period of time."