Man convicted of murder of Wayne Mitchell


A man who claimed he could not remember hitting an innocent stranger over the head with a bottle has been convicted of his murder at Liverpool Crown Court.

Ryan Doran, 23, from Anfield, smashed a beer bottle over the head of victim Wayne Mitchell in the early hours of Saturday 24th March this year.

Prosecutors told Liverpool Crown Court that Doran viciously assaulted a completely innocent man who was simply walking home after a night out with friends.

Mr Mitchell had stopped to pick up a meal from a local chip ship. As he left the takeaway, he encountered Doran walking in the opposite direction. As he was set to pass Mr Mitchell, the defendant called out to a group of girls then struck the victim to the head with a beer bottle.

Mr Mitchell was seen to fall to the floor hitting his head. Witnesses to the assault came to his aid and called an ambulance. However as paramedics were checking him over, Mr Mitchell refused further medical attention and left the scene saying he simply wanted to go home and eat his chippy meal.

Tragically he was unaware of the seriousness of his injuries and collapsed a short distance later, only yards from his front door.  He was seen lying in the gutter by a passing taxi driver who called the police.

Soon after the assault, Doran entered the same takeaway Mr Mitchell had visited. Whilst in the premises, he demanded napkins to clean a cut on his hand and, when he though didnt get enough, he racially abused staff and attacked customers who attempted to intervene.

He was picked up by a police patrol car after a short chase on foot. This unit was also alerted to the plight of Mr Mitchell and went to investigate - with Doran still detained on the back seat.

Mr Mitchell, 42, from Anfield, died in hospital the following day of massive head and brain injuries.

When interviewed by police, Doran claimed he had 'drunk himself stupid' and couldn't remember carrying out the assault. He did admit the offences which took place in the takeway.

CPS Crown Advocate Mr Jansen added: "Claiming to be under the influence of alcohol is no excuse for murder. The jury agreed with this and have today returned a guilty verdict.

"I would like to thank all the witnesses in this case whose evidence was crucial to securing a conviction. Our thoughts now are with Mr Mitchell's family who have acted with dignity throughout the trial."


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