95 year old man sentenced for attempting to kill his wife


A 95 year old man has been sentenced after he admitted trying to kill his wife of 65 years at their home in Warrington.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Denver Charles Beddows rang his only son on the morning of 4 February 2017 and said "Ive tried to kill your mother".

His son Denver asked him what hed done, thinking hed given his mother more tablets than usual but he said hed tried to kill her "with a hammer".

Denver and his wife went to the family home in Dam Lane straight away and found Charles cradling his wife Olives bloodied body in his arms in the bathroom.

Paramedics and the police were called and found Olive with serious head injuries and a lump hammer nearby. When police questioned Mr Beddows about the injuries he said: "She was going mad. I tried to kill her".

Mrs Beddows was taken to Aintree Hospital. In the ambulance, paramedics heard her say: "Charles stop it, don't". She has since been recovering from her injuries although she remains confused.

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, Geoffrey Fryar, said: "This is a very sad case for all concerned.

"Charles and Olive Beddows had been married for 65 years and there had been no previous history of domestic violence. Their son described them as being fiercely independent and having a loving and caring relationship.

"In recent months, Olive Beddows developed mental health issues that had been deteriorating. She was being treated for anxiety and depression and had been seen by a mental health nurse a week before the incident.

"Mr Beddows had resolutely refused the help of social services. The couple's son Denver and his wife helped out and visited up to four times a week. Denver said that it was taking longer and longer for his father to get his mother into bed at night and that he was getting tired.

"Denver and his wife had been helping him the night before the incident but things had been getting more difficult and his father was becoming distressed.

"On the night before the attack took place, his son said his father had been seen hugging Olive saying: "Please come back to me".

"Mr Beddows made several admissions to emergency services after the incident that he had tried to kill his wife and was visibly extremely distressed at what he had done.

"He has pleaded guilty to attempting to murder his wife and he has now been given a two year prison term, suspended for two years.

"This is a very sad case and the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have worked hard to treat this case as sensitively as possible for obvious reasons."