Man sentenced for trying to control everything his wife did


A man who controlled what his wife wore, where she went, who she met and even what she said in her own home has been convicted of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard that Youssef Elakid, 41, of Clubmoor in Liverpool, physically assaulted his wife Kaoutar El-Amrani on two occasions, in May and November last year. She was left with bruising to her face, arms and shoulders.

The court heard he had also stopped her from wearing the clothes she wanted to. In court today (7 6 2017) she wore a skirt, blouse and jacket, yet, in evidence, she said her husband would have objected to this sort of clothing.

The defendant had secretly placed a tracking device in her car to monitor her every move outside their home.  Elakid accepted that he’d placed the tracker but said he did this with her consent to reduce her insurance premiums.  

Crown Prosecutor Michael Lloyd, of Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Elakid placed considerable restrictions on his wife’s liberty and independence - she couldn’t go out in what she was wearing in court in today.

“She couldn’t  see her friends, couldn’t get a job -  her basic freedoms as an individual were being controlled by the defendant. On top of this he violently assaulted her on two separate occasions.

“The tracker, hidden in the depths of the car, had clearly been put there without his wife’s knowledge. It wasn’t  a dash cam or a sat nav system. It was designed to keep tabs on her.

“On top of this, a hidden microphone was used to listen to every word the victim spoke in her own home. She should have felt safe in her own house but this was made impossible by the actions of a cruel, manipulating, controlling husband.

“If ever was there a reason to convict the defendant it was his last words in his interview to police – ‘Everything I’ve done,  she made me do.’”

Elakid was sentenced to a two year community order and must complete 170 hours of unpaid work. He must also do a rehabilitation course with the Probation Service.

Magistrates also imposed a two year restraining order on Elakid, banning him from contacting Ms El-Amrani in any way and ordered him to pay £650 prosecution costs and an £85 victim surcharge