Liverpool woman sentenced to life for the murder of the father of her two children


A 22 year old Liverpool woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 13 years for murdering the father of her two children.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Farieissia Martin of Charlecote Street in Toxteth, killed Kyle Farrell after a night drinking at her friend's house nearby.

The court heard that Martin had been out with a friend in Liverpool city centre the previous day and that Mr Farrell had been looking after their two children.

He had sent texts to her, asking her to come home to the children and she returned about 7pm.

But she went back to her friend's house later that night with a bottle of brandy and was drinking there until about 4am the following day.

Farrell was again looking after their children, aged 1 and 2, and the two began to argue when she came home. Neighbours described the row as being a heated one.

A neighbour later told police that she then heard Martin threaten to stab Mr Farrell and he replied ,"Go ahead then, go for it."

The neighbours said things then went quiet before Martin began shouting, "Help me, help me".

A neighbour went in to tell the couple to be quiet but then saw Mr Farrell lying on the floor, surrounded by blood,  with Martin holding his head. 

The neighbour called an ambulance and Mr Farrell was taken to hospital where he was operated on, but died shortly afterwards. 

The court heard that the couple had been in a relationship for five years but had split up recently. 

Martin initially told her neighbour, paramedics and police that intruders had come into the house and stabbed Mr Farrell but officers arrested her on suspicion of attempted murder.

The charge was changed to murder when Mr Farrell died at hospital.

Alison Mutch, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, said: "This was a tragic incident involving two young people who had been in a relationship for several years.

"Farieissia Martin and Kyle Farrell had two young children together but their relationship had broken down of late.

"Martin had been drinking for several hours when she began arguing with Mr Farrell in the minutes before his death.

"No doubt fuelled by alcohol, she took a kitchen knife and stabbed him while their children slept upstairs.

"She lied to police when they came to the house and pretended he'd been stabbed by intruders but that was clearly false.

"In addition she had sought to conceal a knife that she believed to be the murder weapon in a nearby wheelie bin.

"She has shown some remorse in the months since the incident but that's of little comfort to the family of Mr Farrell.

"His family have shown great dignity throughout this case and have thanked the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for their work on securing a conviction for murder.

"Our thoughts remain with them at this very difficult time."