Gang jailed after eight-hour kidnap ordeal


Teenagers given indeterminate sentences

A gang who subjected two teenagers to a shocking eight-hour kidnap ordeal have been sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court.

Sixteen year old Michael Cattermole, Ian Tierney and Dean Wade were each just 16 years-old when they kidnapped two innocent teenagers from Crosby and subjected them to a catalogue of abuse.

Over a period of eight hours the two victims, who were unknown to the defendants, were

  • Repeatedly beaten and made to fight each other
  • Forced to commit a sex act
  • Robbed and thrown into a canal

The gang also forced the one of the boys to take them to his home where they threatened to kill his mother if he raised the alarm. They stole the family's car and bundled both teenagers into backseat and drove at speed around Merseyside making repeated threats to kill them.

At one point, they stopped to pick up the forth defendant, John Hughes, which meant the victims were then each made to ride in the boot. The gang continued to drive at speed around Liverpool with the boys on board.

Their ordeal was only halted when a member of the public called the police after seeing the car being driven on a playing field in Kirkby. The gang fled the scene leaving the terrified victims behind.

Mandy Nepal, Crown Advocate for Merseyside CPS, said: "The lack of humanity shown by the defendants in this case is staggering and totally at odds with the strength and courage shown by the victims. The prosecution team would like to thank them and all of the members of the public who came forward and provided us with their evidence. This helped us to build the strongest case possible."

Cattermole, now 17, and Wade, both from Wavertree, and Tierney from Speke, pleaded guilty to two offences each of robbery, false imprisonment, inciting sexual activity without consent, kidnap, threats to kill, actual bodily harm and one offence of aggravated vehicle taking. They were all given indeterminate sentences and must serve a minimum of four years before they can be considered for parole.

Dad of one Hughes, 25, from Kirkby, was sentenced to four years six months after pleading guilty to actual bodily harm, false imprisonment, aggravated vehicle taking, making threats to kill and kidnap.


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