Five sentenced to life for murder of father of two


Five people have been sentenced to life in prison at Liverpool Crown Court after being found guilty of the murder of a father of two.

David Corridon was killed in his home in New Hall Lane, Norris Green, on 27 February 2012 after a planned robbery went tragically wrong.

Maureen Smith, David's former partner and mother of their two children, plotted with her sister Kelly Smith and 'fixer' Tyrone Griffiths to rob Mr Corridon of money believed to be hidden in his loft. 

The relationship between Maureen Smith and the victim had ended acrimoniously in 2011 and the couple were in a bitter dispute over properties and cash each believed to be owed to the other.

Griffiths arranged for brothers Willis and Nicholas Nelson to do the job with the gang all planning to take a share of the cash -  believed to be around £40,000.

The plan came to fruition at around four o'clock on February 27th 2012 when Mr Corridon opened his front door to a gang of men, which the prosecution asserted was the Nelson brothers along with an as yet unidentified man.

The gang dragged Mr Corridon around the house searching for money and during his ordeal he was stabbed numerous times.

A friend of the deceased who was in the house as the men burst in managed to escape and raise the alarm.

Mr Corridon was left dying in his bedroom from multiple stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene at just before four thirty.

Maria Corr, Senior Crown Prosecutor from CPS Mersey-Cheshire said: "A crucial part of the prosecution case centred on the telephone contacts between the defendants prior to, at the time of and after the murder which showed a substantial degree of planning by the perpetrators.

"The investigation carried out by Merseyside Police was thorough and rigorous. From the early stages of the investigation the CPS worked closely with the Police to build a strong evidential case against all five defendants. 

"Our thoughts are now with Mr Corridon's family who have shown tremendous courage and dignity throughout this difficult three-month trial."

Maureen Smith, 39, must serve at least 23 years in prison. Her sister Kelly, 35, was sentenced to 22 years.  Tyrone Griffiths, 34,  Willis Nelson, 31, and Nicolas Nelson, 30, were sentenced to  a minimum of 28 years in prison. Al five defendants were also convicted of conspiracy to rob and Griffiths admitted possessing a firearm.


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