Drugs gang sentenced


The last member of a 19-strong drugs gang has been sentenced to 13 years behind bars.

Barry Derbyshire, 39, from Litherland, is the last of 19 people to be sentenced for drugs offences following a 16-month investigation.

Derbyshire led operations to supply drugs on the streets of Southport, with people organised into three teams 'a day team'; 'a night team' and 'a weekend team' - enabling the gang to effectively offer a round-the-clock supply of Class A substances.

Helen Graves, Senior Crown Prosecutor, from CPS Mersey-Cheshire, said: "This was a very sophisticated group which ran and organised, successful, seven-days-a-week business; distributing and selling Class A drugs.. Their main commodity however was misery as these drugs would end up on our streets, blighting the lives of dozens of communities.

Merseyside Police began investigations into the gang in January 2011. They used covert techniques to track their activities and build a strong case against all 19 people.

The illegal income from Derbyshire's business allowed him to have a lavish lifestyle which afforded him the time and money to play golf on almost a daily basis even though he had no official record of employment or income since 2006.

Now with Derbyshire's sentence, all 19 have been convicted.

This gang was headed by an intelligent man who was able to direct, organise, employ and control other - his only motivation beign financial gain. Todays sentence shows that the court recognised the severity of his inolvement, said Helen.

For more information contact Sharon King, Area Communications Manager, on 0151 239 6465.

The 18 other defendants are:
1. Terence Nixon, sentenced to six years, eight months.
2. Carl Maguire, sentenced to five years, four months (an eight month suspended sentenced was activated making a total six years)
3. Jane Manning, four years.
4. Darren Glover, four years, eight months.
5. Kevin Maguire, 32 months.
6. Stefan Robinson, three years, eight months.
7. Andrew Costello, three years.
8. Thomas Bore, two years, six months.
9. Joanne Butterworth, 18 month supervision order.
10. Karen Wilkinson, two years.
11. Mark Parker, two years, six months.
12. Michael Osbourne, nine month suspended sentence.
13. John Sheridan, eight months.
14. Leon Shaw, 18 months supervision order.
15. Gary Ball, ten months.
16. Harvey Stallard, two years, six months.
17. Robert Fleming, 18 month community order.
18. Gareth Shaw, one year four months.