82 years for drugs family


Family jailed for a total of 82 years

A family of drug dealers and their associates who sold heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Liverpool have been jailed for a total of 82 years.

Thirteen people including two grandmothers and several members of the Whitney family were jailed at Liverpool Crown Court.

The investigation involved undercover officers posing as addicts to gain evidence on the main participants in a major surveillance operation.

Prosecutor Nicky Davies said: "This was a complex case which involved us working closely with Merseyside Police to ensure we could achieve a successful prosecution and remove this criminal family from the streets of Liverpool."

As the investigation progressed members of the groups resorted to desperate measures in a bid to escape justice. Matthew Mayor, 37, threw one kilo packets of cocaine out the window of his car  as he was followed by surveillance teams in December last year. The packets split as they hit the road - showering the carriageway with £47,000 worth of drugs.

He was eventually cornered and arrested.

Mother Emma Mackenzie, 29, tried to hide cocaine wraps in the nappy bag of her young child, then aged under 12 months, as she passed the baby to her own mum, the child's grandmother, Mary McCabe, during a police raid on her home.

When police arrested grandmother Carol Whitney, who was the matriarch and banker, officers found more than 500 wraps of heroin hanging from a bush in her garden.

Ringleader Paul Whitney, 32, was given nine years and four months behind bars.
Matthew Mayor, 37, who threw £47,000 of drugs out of a car window, was given eight years and four months.

Banker and matriarch Carol Whitney, 53, was sentenced to eight years. Mary McCabe, 53, was given the same term.

Michael O'Toole, 33, was jailed for eight years and Leslie Whitney, 57, was given seven-and-a-half years.

Michael Waters, 25, was told he must serve five years and four months in prison and Neil Brady, 35, received five years and four months.

Wayne Hincks, 28, received six years and eight months in prison.

Lisa Whitney, 31, and Gary Edwards, 48, were given four years. Thomas Dowd, 29, was ordered to serve four years and four months.

Emma Mackenzie, 29, was also sentenced to two years and three months.


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