Carer jailed for stealing from elderly clients.


A 43 year old care worker who stole cash and precious items of jewellery from the elderly people she was looking after has been jailed for 56 months.

Warrington Crown Court heard that many of the clients Nicola Glover stole from were either bed bound or suffering from dementia.

One of her victims told relatives that she thought someone was coming into her home at night and taking things.

But her family thought the claims were the result of her dementia. They were heartbroken when they later discovered that the claims were true.

The 92 year old woman took to sleeping in her chair at night to see who was coming into her home. She later became poorly and was hospitalised.

Glover, from Mansfield Avenue in Widnes, stole cash, rings and other items of sentimental value from her victims.

In a victim personal statement, one of the victims said her wedding rings were all she had left of her husband who'd died a few years before.

Glover told officers that she was addicted to amphetamine and experienced a "buzz" after she stole the items.

But she also confessed to feeling sorry for her victims when they talked about what had been stolen and how distressed they were.

Several people sent Victim Personal Statements to the Court describing the deep sense of betrayal they felt.  Some of them came to Court to read out the statements.

Kim Egerton, a Crown Advocate with Mersey-Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service, prosecuted the case.

She said: "Glover callously stole precious items and money from the very people she was supposed to be caring for.

"These people were all vulnerable in some way and should have been treated by her with compassion.

"One victim spoke of her devastation at the theft of her engagement and eternity rings.

"They couldn't be recovered and the woman said she now felt 'as if part of me and my husband has died'.

"Glover confessed to the thefts when confronted but that's of scant comfort to the people she has hurt and betrayed in the last years of their lives."