What we do

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the biggest law firm in England and Wales.

CPS Mersey-Cheshire is responsible for prosecuting offenders that commit a crime in Merseyside or Cheshire. Our prosecutors can also be asked to handle cases from other areas in certain circumstances.

Once the decision to charge has been made, we continue to work with the police to build a case file of evidence about an offender.

Each case starts at the magistrates' court. A defendant can have his case heard by magistrates, who are volunteers supported by a legal expert, or can ask for the case to be heard at the Crown Court in front of a jury.

There are some cases which can only be heard in the Crown Court. These are called indictable cases and include the most serous crimes such as murder and robbery.

Wherever the case is to be heard, a file of information and evidence will be prepared for court by CPS teams working with local police officers.

When the file is prepared and court date is set, a prosecutor will present the case at either the magistrates' or Crown Court.