Our team

Each CPS area is led by a Chief Crown Prosecutor. Among the many duties of this role, the CCP will advise on national policy and is the main legal ambassador for the area among criminal justice partners and CPS counterparts.

The Area Business Manager isresponsible for the commercial aspects of the service - including budgets, finances, staffing, procurement and quality.

Our legal team is made up of highly qualified, trained prosecutors and professionals who manage and conduct criminal prosecutions at a number of different levels.

Senior Crown Advocates and Crown Advocates work on the most serious and complex cases. Essentially the CPS equivalent of barristers, they will argue for the prosecution at court against defence lawyers.

Our teams of prosecutors and associate prosecutors prepare and present cases and prosecute offenders at Magistrates' and Crown Courts.

They are supported by paralegal officers and paralegal assistants who help prepare cases, work with the police to build files and sometimes join the prosecutor in court.

Our office-based administrative and support teams may never see the inside of a courtroom; however their role is as vital as those of our prosecutors. Our administrative teams manage and build files, liaise with partners to obtain the correct infomation and ensure each file is up-to-date and at the court ready for trial.

Victims and witnesses are at the heart of what we do and we have a team of specially trained people working in our Witness Care Unit who help and support people through each stage of the justice process.