Woman who claimed to have cancer sentenced to 18 months for fraud


A woman who defrauded her friends and colleagues of £20,000 by claiming she had terminal cancer has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Ursula Rose was found guilty of four counts of fraud at Croydon Crown Court in February. Today she was sentenced to 18 months for each count, to run concurrently.

Lesley Milner, CPS London Reviewing Lawyer, said: "This was an appalling case in which Rose preyed on the kindness of her friends and took advantage of their sympathy.

"Between September 2008 and July 2009 she claimed to have terminal cancer in order to get money from her friends and colleagues who thought they were helping to pay for her treatment.

"Rose's victims trusted her and even borrowed money from their own families to help her.

"This abuse of trust for financial gain amounted several criminal acts of fraud.

"We hope that the sentence she received today gives some sense of justice to those who were victims of her deception."