Woman found guilty of abusing Jeremy Vine in road rage row


A woman has been found guilty of hurling abuse at BBC radio DJ Jeremy Vine in a road rage row after she was filmed by cameras mounted on his bicycle.

Mr Vine uploaded the video clip to Youtube after the clash in Kensington on 26 August last year.

Shanique Pearson, 22, beeped her horn and revved her engine behind Mr Vine and then got out of the car shouting abuse at him. At one point she shouted the words: "I'm going to knock you out."

She denied the offence throughout the course of her trial at West London Magistrates' Court on 13th January 2017, but was found guilty today (1st February 2017) of using threatening and abusive words and driving without consideration.

Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Kunal Dave said: "Pearson's behaviour was unprovoked and completely unacceptable.

"There was no reason for her to threaten and abuse Jeremy Vine, who, like thousands of cyclists in London each day, was only trying to safely get home, and her excuse that she was shocked and concerned for Mr Vine was not accepted today.

"This case demonstrates that road users who use threatening and abusive behaviour could well find themselves facing a criminal prosecution."

Pearson also pleaded guilty to using a vehicle without a valid vehicle licence in relation to road tax.