Voyeur who filmed girl in toilet convicted of sexual offences


A man has been found guilty of filming a girl in a toilet in a McDonalds, sexually assaulting another girl and outraging public decency.

John Bate, 28, [15/06/1988] filmed his victim in a cubicle in the girls' toilets of McDonalds at Apex Corner in Hanworth, south west London, late at night on 25 July 2015.

He ran away when he was spotted by the distressed girl, but she and others chased him to get his phone. He was found guilty on 16 February of voyeurism by a jury at Kingston Crown Court.

He was also convicted of sexually assaulting another girl in front of her friend, and outraging public decency by touching himself in public, in a separate incident on 18 June 2015 after they got off a broken down bus in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

CPS London reviewing lawyer Catherine Wear said: "Bate's sexual offences were extremely disturbing and distressing for his victims.

"Less than a week before filming the girl in the toilet, he had been questioned by police about the offence involving two schoolgirls, suggesting a flagrant disregard of the law, and a belief that he could not be caught.

"I am most grateful to the victims and the independent witnesses who helped convict Bate by coming forward and giving evidence against him."

Bate was arrested for the voyeurism offence after a passerby grabbed him outside the toilet and a search found his phone a metre away.

He gave his PIN number over and the phone was searched by the victim's boyfriend who saw the video of his girlfriend sitting on the toilet and then shouting at Bate. He deleted the video and photographs and gave the phone back, but not before they were seen by the victim and the independent passerby.

Bate offered to be taken to the cashpoint and pay money to his victim but pleaded for the police not to be called. When the police arrived the phone could not be found as Bate's girlfriend had taken it home and hidden it, but it was later recovered.

He claimed he had gone to the male toilet and heard shouting and screaming causing him to run away.

Bate is due to be sentenced on 14 March at Kingston Crown Court.