Viscount given prison sentence for racially aggravated Facebook threat about Gina Miller


Viscount St Davids, also known as Lord Rhodri Philipps, has been sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for offering a reward on Facebook calling for the 'accidental' death of Gina Miller.

He was sentenced at Westminster Magistrates' Court today (13 July) after his conviction on two charges of sending menacing messages.

The CPS asked the court to increase Lord St Davids' sentence - known as an "uplift" - as his comment about Ms Miller was racially aggravated. Without the uplift his prison sentence would have been eight weeks.

The comment which gave rise to the second charge, a menacing message about a migrant called Arnold Sube, was not judged to be racially aggravated.

Kate Mulholland, London CPS reviewing lawyer, said: "Where offences are motivated by hostility towards victims based on their perceived race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity, the CPS has a duty to ask the court for a formal 'uplift' in sentencing.

"The menacing comment by Philipps about Gina Miller was clearly racially motivated and as a result he has received a longer sentence today to reflect the hate crime element."