Two men sentenced for the murder of Zafer Eren


Jamie Marsh-Smith and Samuel Zerei were sentenced to life imprisonment today at the Central Criminal Court for the murder of Zafer Eren in April 2013. Marsh-Smith was also sentenced for the attempted murder of Inan Eren and the attempted murder of his accomplice, and co-defendant, Zerei. Both were found guilty on 10 July 2014.

Baljit Ubhey, CPS London Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "Gang crime is a significant driver of violent crime in the capital and I am committed to tackling this menacing form of offending.

"This case represents just one of a long list of incidents of gang war between the Tottenham Turks and the Hackney Turks in North London.

"These two gangs have been feuding for at least five years and their mutual hatred has caused unnecessary pain and bloodshed on both sides.

"The war between these gangs has resulted in murder, attempted murder, beatings, threats and damage to shops and clubs belonging to those perceived to be associated with the gangs.

"In this latest episode of violence the victims were targeted on their own doorsteps.

"Although those convicted today were not part of either gang the evidence showed they had been hired on behalf of the Hackney Turks to attack persons associated with the Tottenham Turks."



Jamie Marsh-Smith, 22 
 - one count of murder (Zafer Eren): life imprisonment with a minimum of 38 years
 - two counts of attempted murder (Inan Eren and Samuel Zerei): 30 years imprisonment for each count, to run concurrently

Samuel Zerei, 21 
 - one count of murder (Zafer Eren): life imprisonment with a minimum of 28 years

Wayne McNeish, 33, helped Marsh-Smith flee London following the shooting of Zerei. He stood trial with the other defendants and was convicted of doing an act intended to pervert the course of public justice. He was sentenced to 4 and a half years imprisonment.