Three sentenced in 'honey trap' murder of Mehmet Hassan


Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler were sentenced today to life imprisonment with a minimum of 37 years for the murder of Mehmet Hassan on 24th March 2014. Leonie Granger was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for manslaughter for the part she played in Mr Hassan's death.

All three were also sentenced for conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to falsely imprison. Jackson and Chandler were also sentenced for offences related to an earlier robbery and attempted robbery.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said: "Mr Hassan was savagely attacked in his own home where he was beaten to death by Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler.

"Earlier in the evening Granger had met with Mr Hassan and went back to his flat, knowing that she was going to set him up to be robbed by Jackson and Chandler.

"Showing absolutely no remorse for their terrible crime the trio filmed themselves playing with bundles of Mr Hassan's cash within hours of the murder.

"I hope the sentences today give some small comfort to Mr Hassan's family. Our thoughts are with them at this time."


The motive for the attack was to rob Mr Hassan of large amounts of cash which Jackson and Chandler knew Mr Hassan kept in his flat. They knew this because Leonie Granger had befriended Mr Hassan in a casino and had then helped to plan the robbery with Jackson and Chandler.

Granger met with Mr Hassan a number of times and on the night of his death had accompanied him back to his flat in Islington. Jackson and Chandler waited nearby and after Granger left, leaving the way into the flat insecure, they later entered the flat and attacked Mr Hassan.