Ten sentenced for £2.5 million jewellery robberies


A group of 10 men have been sentenced to a total of 82 years 9 months' imprisonment at the Central Criminal Court for their part in a series of jewellery robberies totalling £2.5million.

Rob Davis, CPS London reviewing lawyer, said: "This organised group of criminals carefully planned these crimes using the same method each time to rob large amounts of high-value gold jewellery. They would send one member of the group to approach the premises, giving the appearance of a regular customer. Once allowed entry, they would then hold the door open to the rest of the group who would set upon the shop with sledgehammers. They would then make their escape, usually along the railway lines, and bury their hoard along the way.

"These crimes resulted in a terrifying ordeal for the jewellery store staff and huge losses for the businesses affected. CPS London is committed to working with its police partners to tackle violent crime by bringing strong cases to court that result in convictions and invite lengthy sentences.

"The 10 men pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to rob, which included robberies at five premises, and an attempted robbery between 28 March and 15 September 2012. The defendant Iulian Roman also pleaded guilty to a £1 million robbery of jewellery on the 1 February 2012."


Marius Andrei Barbu 9y 4m

Constantin Daniel Irina 8y

Ovidiu Gabor 7y

Vasile Alexandru Bataraga 9y 4m

Iulian Roman -  9y 5m (and 7y to run concurrently on 1.2.2012 robbery)

Ioan Gaurilut 9y 4m

Gheorghe Macovei 7y

Puiu-Danut Paunesco 7y 3m

Iulian Culba 9y 4m

Catalin Paise 6y 9m.