Teenager sentenced to six years and three months for acid attack


Liam Sibbons, 16, was sentenced today at Snaresbrook Crown Court to six years and three months in a young offenders institute for applying a corrosive liquid with intent, contrary to section 29 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

Baljit Ubhey, CPS London Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "This was an unprovoked attack involving a shocking degree of brutality and callousness against a completely unsuspecting victim.

"On 30 April Liam Sibbons attended the address of the victim, who he did not know, and deliberately squirted strong acid onto her when she opened the door.

"This disturbing attack has had a profound effect on the victim.

"She was left with deep burns on her arms, face and chest. She has had to undergo surgery and will need continuing treatment.
"On top of the constant pain from her physical injuries the victim has also been emotionally traumatised by the attack.

"We may never know why Sibbons carried out this attack but I hope the sentence given today will provide some comfort to the victim and her family."