Tariq Rana sentenced to life for Pakistan murder


Tariq Rana, 31, was sentenced today at the Central Criminal Court to life with a minimum of 28 years for the murder of Gulam Asia on 27th July 2013. The murder was committed in Lahore but as Rana is a British citizen he was prosecuted in the UK under section 9 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

This Act provides UK jurisdiction in relation to an offence of murder committed anywhere in the world by a subject of Her Majesty the Queen. This case is thought to be one of the first prosecutions of its kind for CPS London.

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said: "This was a cold-hearted and brazen murder, carried out in broad daylight at Gulam Asia's home in Lahore.

"Tariq Rana had been married to the victim's daughter until 2012 when they had separated due to his violent and controlling nature. Rana could not accept their separation and threatened and harassed the family for months until one day the harassment stopped and the family thought they could get on with their lives.

"Tragically this was not the case as Rana had travelled to Pakistan to plot his revenge.

"On 27th July 2013 Rana, and an unknown male, drove up to Ms Asia's house on a motorcycle and pretended to be deliverymen in order to distract her. Rana then shot her twice, leaving her fatally injured on her doorstep.

"This crime was made even more shocking by the fact that Ms Asia was on the telephone to her son at the time she was shot and he heard the attack taking place from the other end of the phone, thousands of miles away in the UK.

"Two of the victim's daughters and her brother were in the house at the time of the murder and one of her daughters recognised Rana fleeing the scene. However, he did not stop at murder, he then made threats to members of the family that if his estranged wife was not sent back to him he would kill all of the family one by one.

"Despite the fact that this murder was committed almost 4,000 miles away from London Rana has now been brought to justice in the UK and will begin a life sentence for this abhorrent crime. I would like to thank Ms Asia's family for their support of the prosecution."