Stefano Brizzi convicted of murdering Gordon Semple


A man who claimed the death of a man he met on social media site Grindr was accidental and the result of a sex game gone wrong has today been convicted of murder.

Gordon Semple went to the Southwark home of Stefano Brizzi, 50, on the afternoon of April 1 of this year. Later that evening Brizzi murdered him and then made efforts to dispose of his body. He has been convicted of one count of murder and had previously pleaded guilty to obstructing the coroner in the execution of his duty. Brizzi will be sentenced on 9 December.

Malcolm McHaffie, the deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS London, said: "Stefano Brizzi is an evil and calculating man who intentionally killed Gordon Semple and then made gruesome attempts to dispose of his body. He cynically lied to the court and the jury claiming that Mr Semple's tragic death was caused when a sex game went horribly wrong and that he had taken drugs which caused him to try to cover up the death. This was all fabricated by Brizzi to evade justice.

"In taking steps to fully understand Brizzi's lifestyle, we scrutinised many thousands of social media messages. Piecing together the events of that evening was equally challenging, bearing in mind the extreme lengths that Brizzi went to to remove traces of his crime and cover his tracks. However, built on the foundation of a strong police investigation, and detailed toxicology and pathology evidence, we put a very strong case before the court and Brizzi has now been brought to justice for his terrible crimes.

"We hope that the outcome today provides some comfort to friends and family of Mr Semple."