Rugby coach jailed for filming hundreds of naked boys in changing rooms using hidden spy cameras


A self-employed rugby union coach has been jailed after molesting young boys and filming hundreds of videos using spy cameras hidden in changing rooms.

David Simmons, 26, was sentenced for 17 sexual offences today [29 June] at Southwark Crown Court after admitting the charges at an earlier hearing. He was sentenced to three years and eight months imprisonment in total.

He used his role as a rugby coach, running his own sessions and holiday clubs at over 30 venues in south-west London, to hide the cameras inside digital clocks in showers and toilets.

Simmons also insisted that boys should weigh themselves naked claiming it was for body fat percentage tests, and secretly recorded them using his iPhone or iPad.

The secret cameras were eventually discovered by a colleague who called the police.

Investigators found nearly 500 videos, often containing more than one boy, at Simmons’ home in Ashford, Surrey, and at a business address. They also found a secret camera hidden in a Lynx shower bottle.

Simmons also posed as a teenage girl on Skype to encourage a boy to take part in online sexual activity.

London CPS reviewing lawyer Caroline Hughes said: "Over several years David Simmons abused his position of trust to systematically film hundreds of naked young boys for his own sexual gratification.

"He knew there was no reason to touch these boys but used the pretext of fat tests to sexually assault them.

"The overwhelming evidence in this case left Simmons with no choice but to plead guilty and accept responsibility for his crimes."


David Simmons [12/02/1991] pleaded guilty to 17 offences between July 2014 and September 2015.
- 7 counts of voyeurism, observing a person doing a private act
- 1 count of inciting a boy aged 13 to 15 to engage in sexual activity
- 4 counts of sexually assaulting a boy under the age of 13
- 2 counts of sexual assault on a male
- 3 counts of making indecent photos

Simmons was a self-employed rugby coach in the Teddington area and other parts of London working at over 30 venues in south west London.

He ran Simmo’s Rugby Stars in 2011 and Titan Sports Academy 2013.

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