Pair jailed for life for brutal murder over unpaid crack cocaine debt


Two men who committed a murder over a crack cocaine debt they owed have been sentenced to life in prison today at the Central Criminal Court.

Nicholas Wood, 42, and Tim Clark, 51, armed themselves with weapons including a knife, a blowtorch and screwdriver, before luring Terry Wiggins, 34, to a bedsit in Erith, south east London, on November 17 last year, where they beat and stabbed him to death.

They were annoyed that he had put a TV worth £5,000, which he had taken from them as collateral on their debt, on sale on Ebay to recoup the money owed.

They also assaulted and took prisoner Mr Wiggins friend Matthew Wheeler, 42, who had gone to the flat earlier to collect the money. He lay injured in the kitchen in fear of his life as Wood and Clark carried out the killing in another room.

Navnit Dosanjh, CPS London homicide lawyer, said: "These two men both used extreme violence to kill Terry Wiggins because of a £420 drug debt which he wanted repaid.

"They lured him to the flat, where they had already taken Mr Wheeler prisoner, and where they were lying in wait to carry out a sustained and brutal attack with a number of different weapons.

"Following the attack they made no attempt to call emergency services, but fled leaving Mr Wiggins to die.

"Their defence case that neither played any part in the murder was dismantled at the trial with CCTV and DNA evidence, and witness testimony. Two extremely dangerous men are now off the streets and behind bars."


Wood and Clark were both sentenced to life for murder, with a minimum of 23 years behind bars, and nine years for false imprisonment, to be served concurrently.