Nine men convicted of violent disorder for football supporter clash


Nine men have been convicted following a mass brawl between Crystal Palace and Brighton and Hove Albion fans in Caledonian Road on 10 November 2012. Four men were convicted today at Blackfriars Crown Court in the second of two trials relating to the disorder.

Jenny Hopkins, CPS London Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "These men were part of a group of around 40 football supporters who came together in a violent clash on 10 November 2012.

"This was a terrifying situation for members of the public who witnessed the violence.

"Supporters of both teams were in the area around Euston and Kings Cross railway stations and had clearly come together with the intention of engaging in violence.

"They immediately began taunting each other and glasses, bottles, sandwich boards and bollards were used as missiles and thrown between the groups.

"Even after the intervention of two police officers the groups continued to threaten and attack each other, completely ignoring instructions from the officers to stop.

"These men used the historic rivalry between their football clubs as an excuse for large-scale violence and disorder with no regard to members of the public nearby who were shocked and frightened by their behaviour.

"CPS London is committed to working with its criminal justice partners to tackle football hooliganism both inside and outside the stadium."


All defendants faced one count of violent disorder.

Trial 1 - 19th to 22nd November 2013
Richard Kepner (21.04.64) - guilty plea 25 October -  14 months imprisonment
Phillip Blackman (07.08.80)  - 15 months imprisonment
Paul Zammit (12.04.67) - 10 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years, with 180 hours unpaid work.

Trial 2 -  2nd to 13th December 2013
Robert Carl (13.02.68) - guilty plea 2nd December
James Hackett (19.03.83) - guilty plea 10 December

Dean Kirby (24.11.84)
Declan Clarke (03.09.91)
Hayden Johnson (23.03.93)
Adam Marshall (06.02.90)