Mark Patten sentenced to life for the murder of Menelaos Aligizakis


Mark Patten, 30, was sentenced today at Inner London Crown Court to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years for the murder of Menelaos Aligizakis in the early hours of 3rd January 2015, near to Waterloo station. He was convicted of the murder on 1st October 2015.

Menelaos Aligizakis, 43, was a Greek national who was visiting friends in London. On the night of his death he had gone to a nightclub in the Waterloo area. Patten and his friend were in the same nightclub that night. Although it appears that they had no interaction in the club they became engaged in conversation after they left the venue, as they were all walking in the same direction. This conversation appeared to be relaxed and friendly, however, this soon changed and Patten began to violently attack Mr Aligizakis.

Olcay Sapanoglu, CPS London homicide team lawyer, said: "Mark Patten's murderous attack on Menelaos Aligizakis came without warning or provocation and gave Mr Aligizakis no chance to protect himself.

"This was a brutal and sustained attack. Patten punched, kicked and stamped on Mr Aligizakis, who was completely defenceless and lying on the ground for most of the attack.

"The ferocity and force used in the attack could leave no doubt that Patten's actions were intended to cause very serious injuries to his victim. Despite having consumed alcohol it was the Crown's case that Patten would have known that repeatedly kicking and stamping on his victim's head could have fatal consequences.

"This barbaric and senseless violence has no place on our city's streets and we will continue to work with our police partners to prosecute offenders.

"I would like to thank the witnesses in this case who have helped bring Patten to justice. I would also like to express my sincere condolences to Mr Aligizakis' family."