Man who stabbed partner to death convicted of her murder


A man who stabbed his partner to death and tried to pretend she had killed herself has been found guilty of her murder

Lyndsey Smith, 42, was killed with a knife grabbed from the kitchen by Gavin Wilson at her home in Enfield on 11 March 2016.

Wilson, 42, [15/07/1974], left the house afterwards and spent several hours away, returning in different clothes and acting as if he was shocked to discover her dead body.

A jury at Wood Green Crown Court returned a verdict of guilty today.

Malcolm McHaffie, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "Wilson denied killing or even touching Lyndsey Smith, suggesting she had been trying to provoke him into a fight that day, before killing herself when he was not there.

"He was lying and had a history of violence against Ms Smith and had subjected her to another attack before he killed her.

"Dropping the knife, leaving the house for hours and returning later in changed clothes to tearfully sit by Ms Smith's body and say 'why have you done this?' were all part of his charade to avoid detection."

Wilson will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on 25 January 2017.