Man who controlled brothels in east London sentenced


Ionut Motroc, 36, has been sentenced at Kingston Crown Court to 21-and-a-half years' imprisonment for offences including seven counts of rape. This sentence will run consecutively to an earlier sentence of 12-and-a-half years for a number of offences including controlling prostitution and trafficking women within the UK for sexual exploitation.

The rape offences were committed against two women who were employed by him as sex workers in the various brothels he controlled in east London. Motroc was also sentenced for falsely imprisoning one of these women by keeping her locked in one of the houses used as a brothel as well as facilitating the false imprisonment of the other victim whilst he was on remand in prison.

Motroc's wife, Monica Motroc, has also been sentenced to a total of eight-and-a-half years for her role in managing the brothels and controlling the women who worked there. Shane Gilshanen, who worked for Motroc, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment for two counts of conspiracy to control prostitution for gain.

Ionut and Monica Motroc were convicted of further offences relating to this criminal enterprise in an earlier trial in October 2014.  At the sentencing today the judge imposed Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Orders (STPOs) on both Ionut and Monica Motroc. The orders include a requirement to report their living arrangements to the police when in the UK, restrictions on renting residential properties and a ban on involvement in any business relating to escort agencies or sexual services.

Damaris Lakin, CPS London reviewing lawyer, said: "Ionut Motroc was the head of a criminal enterprise which controlled prostitution for gain and trafficked women around the UK for use in the brothels he controlled.

"Motroc treated these women as commodities, he believed they were his possessions to do with as he wanted and any attempt to disobey him was met with aggression and violence. He even arranged for a false allegation to be made against one of the women he had trafficked in order to punish her for trying to leave.

"Motroc used violence, intimidation, aggression and control to build a criminal empire which has now been destroyed thanks in part to the bravery of the victims in this case in supporting this prosecution.

"I hope this case will demonstrate to others in similar situations that perpetrators of this kind of abuse can be brought to justice and gives them the confidence to report their abusers to the police."


Ionut Motroc ran a number of brothels in east London between 2008 and his arrest in 2014. He organised for women to be trafficked around London for the purpose of sexual exploitation. He took a large proportion of the women's earnings, and in some cases all of their earnings. He would lock some of the women in the brothels overnight or for longer periods of time and not let them go outside alone. Monica Motroc is his wife and willingly helped him run the brothels and keep control of the women working there.  Shane Gilshanen worked for Motroc as security for the brothels.

Charges and sentences in the second trial (January-February 2016)

Ionut Motroc total 34 years imprisonment with an extended licence period of four years
[21 and a half years imprisonment for convictions in the second trial consecutive to 12 and a half years already being served for the convictions in the first trial]

Convictions in the second trial:
- Seven counts of rape
- Two counts of perverting the course of justice.
- One count of controlling a woman in prostitution 
- Three counts of trafficking within the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation
- One count of false imprisonment
- One count of encouraging or inciting false imprisonment.

Monica Motroc, 36 total eight and a half years imprisonment
[Two and a half years for convictions in second trial consecutive to the six years for convictions in the first trial]

Convictions in the second trial:
- Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
- Trafficking within UK for sexual exploitation
- Controlling prostitution for gain
- Two counts of false imprisonment

Shane Gilshanen, 51 total nine months imprisonment

- Two counts of conspiracy to control prostitution for gain. Convicted by a jury in absentia as he breached bail and absconded to New Zealand