Man sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for terrifying attack on couple in their 70s


Daniel Awofisan, 22, was sentenced today at Inner London Crown Court to a total of 12 years' imprisonment for aggravated burglary, sexual assault, two counts of possession of articles for use in fraud and four counts of fraud. This relates to an incident on 1st July 2015 in Shooter's Hill, south east London.

He was sentenced to a further 10 months' imprisonment, to run consecutively, for a burglary on 28th June 2015 and for the breach of a suspended sentence.

On 1st July 2015 Awofisan and an unknown accomplice broke into the house of a couple in their 70s, armed with a knife. They stole cash, bank cards, a cheque book and a mobile phone and sexually assaulted a 70-year-old woman. Following the burglary they tried to open a number of bank accounts and obtain a loan in the woman's name. The evidence suggested that the crime had been planned as the burglars knew details of the couple's business and mistakenly believed there was a safe in the house.

CPS London reviewing lawyer, Samuel Main, said: "This was a terrifying attack which completely violated the victims' right to feel safe in their own home and has left them deeply traumatised. They were ambushed at their front door and had no way to defend themselves against their attackers who had arrived armed with knives.

"Daniel Awofisan and his unknown accomplice approached the couple's house dressed as delivery men in order to divert suspicion. As soon as the husband opened the door Awofisan pushed his way in and held a knife to the man's throat.

"They held both victims at knifepoint, threatened to murder the 73-year-old man and assaulted him causing bruising to his eye. The woman was forced to lie on the floor, had a knife pressed to her cheek and was sexually assaulted. She feared she was going to be raped. 

"I would like to thank both victims for their support of this prosecution."


Sentence details:

  • Aggravated burglary: 10 years' imprisonment
  • Sexual assault: Two years' imprisonment to run consecutively
  • Four counts of fraud by false representation: Six months' imprisonment to run concurrently
  • Two counts of possession of articles for use in fraud: Six months' imprisonment to run concurrently
  • Burglary: Four months' imprisonment to run consecutively
  • Breach of a suspended sentence for ABH: Six months' imprisonment to run consecutively

Total: 12 years 10 months' imprisonment