Man sentenced to seven-and-a-half years for sexual abuse


Zafar Iqbal, 61, was sentenced today (9 June) at Woolwich Crown Court to seven-and-a-half years imprisonment. He was convicted on 29 April 2014 for 25 counts of indecent assault between 1976 and 1988.

Baljit Ubhey, CPS London Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "The courage of these victims to report their abuser and give evidence against him at court means that Zafar Iqbal has now been brought to justice for his abhorrent crimes.

"Iqbal is a prolific sex offender who abused three young girls between 1976 and 1988 when they were between five and 15 years old. He is now facing a lengthy prison sentence for these crimes.

"I want to reassure victims of sexual abuse that the CPS will work with the police and victims to build strong cases which we can put before the court no matter when the alleged offending took place or was reported.

"I hope this case gives other victims the confidence to come forward and report abuse that may have happened to them."