Man sentenced for defrauding charity


Scott William Golding, 47, was sentenced today at Snaresbrook Crown Court to four years and eight months imprisonment for defrauding a small charity of £260,479.27. He pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position and false accounting on 2nd November 2015.

Golding was employed by the charity as an office manager and bookkeeper between November 2013 and June 2015. He used his position to authorise payments from the charity to his bank account for extra pay and bonuses which he was not entitled to and to pay for goods and services that were nothing to do with the charity. 

The charity, Article 25, is based in Canary Wharf and is involved in building projects and reconstruction in areas of extreme poverty and following natural disasters.

Nasreen Yadallee, CPS London reviewing lawyer, said: "Scott Golding cruelly abused the trust of his employers at the charity purely to satisfy his own greed.

"He made inflated salary payments to himself and paid his rent from the charity's account. He also used the charity's bank card to pay for goods from stores including Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Prada and Harrods.

"He went to every effort to cover his tracks by falsifying bank account statements to omit the fraudulent payments and diverting calls from the bank to himself.

"Golding's callous actions almost caused the collapse of the charity, which has done so much good work around the world.

"Golding has now been brought to justice for his deception and we will be using the Proceeds of Crime Act to retrieve the money he stole."