Man jailed for kidnapping and raping pensioner


A 41-year old man was today jailed for kidnapping and raping an 81-year-old pensioner after following her off a London bus.

Anthony Roberts had sat next to his victim on the bus. He was seen on CCTV at about 8.30pm on 10 February stalking her through the streets of Balham as she carried two large shopping bags.

He told her he had a knife and threatened to kill her if she called for help, before raping her in a bin shed.

A fingerprint on the inside of the shed matched Roberts and his DNA was found on intimate swabs taken from the victim.

He was given three life sentences at Kingston Crown Court today [28 April 2017] after admitting kidnapping and two counts of rape at a hearing on 10 March. He must serve a minimum of 8 years before he can be considered for release by a parole board.

He was also sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment for separate offences relating to indecent videos of women filmed at St George's Hospital, Tooting, and in an Oxfam, on or before 16 January.

The videos were discovered after his mobile telephone was seized following his arrest for a public order offence.

London CPS reviewing lawyer Andrew Hudson said: "Anthony Roberts is a dangerous sexual predator. He saw an elderly and vulnerable woman on a bus and decided there and then that he was going to rape her.

"He then stalked her before subjecting her to an extremely disturbing attack lasting over 90 minutes.

"The victim"s bravery helped the police and CPS to bring a strong case against Roberts.

"Today's sentence also takes into account the fact that he was convicted of a rape in 2003 and a finding by the sentencing judge that he poses a danger to the public."