Junior Bayode sentenced to 11 years detention for the manslaughter of Sofyen Belamouadden


Bayode was sentenced at the Central Criminal Court today to 11 years detention in a Young Offenders Institute for manslaughter and 7 years for conspiracy to do GBH. The sentences will run concurrently.

Note: This statement is in relation to the 17 defendants convicted in the Victoria Station case (includes Junior Bayode).

Alison Saunders, CPS London's Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "This was a significant prosecution involving 17 convictions and five trials, lasting two and a half years. It is the largest murder prosecution ever carried out in London, and the largest we have prosecuted where a group had a clear, joint plan in place to commit a serious crime. I sincerely hope that we will never witness anything on this scale again.

"I would like to sincerely thank the witnesses in this case, some of whom are young children. Their evidence was crucial in helping us secure these convictions and many of them gave evidence at all five trials.

"This group had a clear plan in place to engage in an armed conspiracy and were intent on causing serious harm. Brazenly and in broad daylight they pursued and attacked Sofyen in a busy train station. Faced with this, he was not given a chance of life.

"We will work closely with the police to pursue and prosecute those who commit these crimes, crimes which cause terrible pain to so many families.

"This should also serve as a warning that you don't need to inflict the fatal blow to be prosecuted. Knowing that a crime is likely to be committed and being there encouraging others to participate in that crime is enough to be prosecuted. As well as destroying the lives of victims and their families, those involved face many years in prison themselves. Demonstrating the concept of 'joint enterprise' was key to the case, and the evidential trail left by the defendants on social media and BlackBerry devices was very significant.

"I would like to pay tribute to Sofyen's family and to their strength at this difficult time. Prosecuting these individuals has been a very lengthy and complex process, but I hope today these convictions bring them some comfort."