Jamal Jones convicted of Dean Mayley murder


Jamal Jones was convicted today at the Central Criminal Court for the murder of Dean Mayley on 7 February 2014. Michael Mensah, Ryan Beresford and Miguel Leiba were convicted of manslaughter. They will be sentenced on 2 Ocotber.

Baljit Ubhey, CPS London Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "This was a cruel and callous attack on a vulnerable victim.

"On 7 February the four defendants were driving around in order to find a victim to rob and were prepared to use violence to take what they wanted from their unfortunate target.

"Dean Mayley was on his own walking along Ruislip Road in Greenford, west London. He was confronted by Jones, who was armed with a knife, while Beresford and Leiba blocked his escape and Mensah waited in his car ready to provide a quick getaway.

"Dean was a vulnerable young man and it is likely that he did not understand what was happening to him in this terrifying situation. He did not hand anything over to the robbers and Jones' response was to stab him once, in the heart.

"The prosecution's case was that all four played a part in Dean's death. They have now been brought to justice for their appalling actions. Our thoughts are with Dean's family at this time."


Mensah (18), Jones (17),  Beresford (19) and Leiba (17) were convicted of one count of attempted robbery relating to Dean Mayley.

Mensah was convicted of one further count of robbery relating to an incident on 28 January 2014 where a 15-year-old boy was robbed on the same road.