Gunman jailed 11 years after shooting victim


A gunman jailed for attempted murder in 2007 has been handed a life sentence for murder after his victim died of his wounds years after a shooting.

Shaun Brown, 31, [25/01/1986] was originally convicted of attempted murder for shooting Garvey Thomas on the Stonebridge Park Estate in June 2006, leaving him paralysed.

Thomas died in 2010 at the age of 25, prompting the murder charge.  A substantial amount of medical and other expert evidence was obtained in order to establish clearly that the shooting caused the death.

Brown was found guilty of murder yesterday [26 April] after a trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Today he was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 15 years and 56 days to serve. The sentence is on top of the 10 years, 10 months he has already spent in prison.

Malcolm McHaffie, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, said: "This prosecution was based on evidence that Garvey Thomas died of complications as a direct result of being shot by Shaun Brown four years earlier.

"During the trial Brown claimed that he had been wrongfully convicted at the first trial but the prosecution evidence, which included video evidence of Thomas in his hospital bed before his death, led to this verdict.

"We hope this verdict brings justice to a family who have already had to endure so much."