First prosecution under Biological Weapons Act after woman buys deadly poison on the 'dark web'


Kuntal Patel was sentenced to three years imprisonment today at Southwark Crown Court for one count of acquiring a toxin and one count of attempting to acquire a toxin contrary to the Biological Weapons Act 1974. It is believed that this is the first ever prosecution under this Act, which requires permission from the Attorney General.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London said: "Acquiring abrin for any purpose is a grave crime and Kuntal Patel has now been held responsible for her very sinister actions.

"This was an extraordinary case where the inspiration for Kuntal Patel's actions appears to have come from an American TV show.

"Patel's version of events was that although she bought a substance from the 'dark web', she did not actually acquire abrin. However, the jury were certain that she did acquire the deadly toxin, though they were not satisfied she used it to try and kill her mother.

"The fact that abrin is prohibited under the Biological Weapons Act demonstrates how dangerous it is and the damage it could cause in the wrong hands."