Fake policeman who was filmed smothering victim found guilty of murder


A fake policeman has been convicted of murder after he was filmed by a laptop camera smothering and suffocating his victim.

Jason Marshall, 28, tricked his victim, Peter Fasoli, 58, into allowing himself to be bound and gagged at Mr Fasoliís bungalow in Northolt on the evening of 6 January 2013.

He then smothered him with sheets of clingfilm before setting alight to the building to disguise his actions. Although Marshall believed he had killed his victim, Mr Fasoli may have still been alive before the fire started.

Marshall, who had pretended to be an undercover police or MI5 officer during the course of the murder, fled the country and went on to commit another murder in Italy three weeks later. A relative discovered the footage on his uncleís laptop in November 2014 leading to Marshallís extradition and arrest.

He was found guilty of murder and arson by a jury at the Central Criminal Court today (9 August 2017).

Sally-Anne Russell, CPS homicide lawyer, said: "Jason Marshall murdered Peter Fasoli after being invited into his home.

"He suffocated him before lighting a fire to cover his tracks.

"If it hadnít been for Mr Fasoliís own laptop footage, Marshall may have escaped justice.

"That video, which was extremely disturbing, clearly showed Marshallís true intentions and undermined any false account he could give, leading to todayís guilty verdict.

"Our thoughts are now with Mr Fasoliís family."

Marshall, formerly of Forest Gate, east London, is due to be sentenced at a later date.