Ex-friend who sent condoms to victim jailed for stalking


A man who harassed an ex-friend by sending her condoms and underwear in the post has been jailed.

Fahim Choudhury, 28, was found guilty of two counts of stalking at Croydon Crown Court on 8 August.

He was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment for one count, and 9 months' imprisonment for the other, to run concurrently.

He was found not guilty of a third count of stalking.

The judge further imposed a 10 year restraining order preventing him from contacting his three victims.

The main victim was a former friend who Choudhury subjected to years of obsessive harassment.

She received anonymous post on an almost weekly basis including women's underwear, greetings cards, condoms and pregnancy tests, to try and shame her.

She also received text messages suggesting he was watching and following her, as well as a message taped to her bedroom window.

Daren Streeter, from CPS London, said: "Choudhury's main target suffered years of unwanted and persistent harassment and two other people close to her were also targeted.

"Choudhury showed no remorse for his actions, but thanks to the bravery of those he targeted, he will no longer be able to be a menace to the public.

"Stalking is a crime that can devastate those who are targeted; harming those directly targeted and their families, and leaving all living in fear.

"The CPS is committed to bringing prosecutions against those who commit these offences.

"Last year, the CPS prosecuted a record number of stalking and harassment cases and we are determined to support those who are subjected to this criminal conduct".

Additional points

  • Fahim Choudhury was born on 17/09/1988
  • He was found guilty of two counts of stalking involving serious alarm and harassment, both victims were targeted between 1 January 2014 and 10 April 2016, with a course of conduct amounting to stalking and which caused his victims serious alarm or distress which had a substantial adverse effect on their usual day to day activities and which he knew or ought to have known would have caused his victims such alarm or distress.
  • Prosecutions were commenced for 12,986 harassment and stalking offences in 2015-16; this is a rise of 864 offences from 2014-15 when 12,122 prosecutions were commenced and is the highest volume ever recorded.