Dylan McDonald convicted of two knife-point rapes in north London


Dylan McDonald, 19, was convicted today at Wood Green Crown Court for four counts of rape, one count of GBH, one count of ABH, two counts of robbery and three counts of having an article with a blade or point in a public place. He will be sentenced on 7th October.

These offences relate to two separate attacks. The first occurred on 11 March 2016 and involved a 51-year-old woman in the Seven Sisters area of north London. The second occurred on 14 March 2016 and involved a 30-year-old woman in Alexandra Park.

Laura Kaplan, CPS London reviewing lawyer, said: "Dylan McDonald preyed on these two women as they were walking alone in broad daylight. He used a knife to threaten each of the women and to force them to go to secluded areas with him where he brutally raped them.

"Both victims were utterly terrified and feared for their lives. In just four days McDonald's use of violence escalated from punching his first victim in the head to stabbing his second victim in the leg.

"I would like to thank both victims for their bravery in reporting the attacks and praise their courage in attending court and giving evidence. They have helped bring this man to justice and I hope that his conviction will give them some small comfort."


The first victim was approached by McDonald as she walked from Seven Sisters station at around 2.20pm on 11 March. McDonald approached her from behind and took her arm, making it clear he had a large kitchen knife. He guided her to a nearby block of flats and forced her into the deserted stairwell. He first began demanding money but then began to attack her.

The second victim was walking in Alexandra Park at around 3.45pm on 14 March. She saw a man riding towards her on a bicycle and could see that he was veering towards her so she tried to avoid him. As he got closer she saw he had a knife and he then dropped the bike and grabbed her by the arm. McDonald demanded her rucksack and handbag and started grabbing them while ushering her along to some undergrowth. As she was trying to remove her bags McDonald suddenly stabbed her in the leg. She continued to try to placate him but he dragged her into some bushes where he attacked her.