Douglas Samuel sentenced to life for the murder of Gaynor Bale


Douglas Samuel, 35, was convicted today (15 November) at the Central Criminal Court for the murder of Gaynor Bale on 22 November 2012. He was sentenced to life with a minimum of 20 years.

Jenny Hopkins, CPS London Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, said: "This attack on a defenceless victim involved a shocking degree of violence and brutality.

"Gaynor Bale died as a result of a blow to her liver so severe the organ burst and she bled to death.

"Gaynor's murder in her own home amounts to a gross breach of trust by her violent partner.

"Although Samuel admitted killing Gaynor by pleading guilty to manslaughter the prosecution did not accept this plea.

"The prosecution's case was that Samuel showed a deliberate intention to cause serious harm to Gaynor which amounts to murder.

"Gaynor had suffered years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of Samuel and being half his size she was completely powerless against his brutal attacks.

"Tackling domestic violence is a priority for CPS London and I would urge any victim of domestic violence to report their abuser so they can be brought to justice.

"There are support agencies and special measures available at court to support victims through the prosecution process."