David Douglas sentenced to life for murdering his partner


David Douglas, 44, was sentenced today to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years at Southwark Crown Court for the murder of Dora Matthews. Douglas and Dora had been partners for a number of years. Dora died following a fall from a 14th floor window in the block of flats where Douglas lived in Wood Green.

Aisling Hosein, CPS London Homicide Team Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: "David Douglas and the victim, Dora Matthews, had been in a relationship for a number of years.  This relationship had been marked with violence from him towards her.

"Douglas was described as a violent, controlling and irrationally jealous man. Conversely, Dora was described by family and friends as a 'very open-hearted person who was full of life'.

"On 13th December 2013 Douglas and Dora returned to Douglas' flat at around 2am. After this neighbours described hearing shouting, screaming and banging coming from the flat.

"At around 4.45am Dora fell from the living room window of Douglas' flat, which was on the 14th floor. Shortly after Douglas left the building, walking past Dora's lifeless body, making no attempt to help her or call the emergency services. Dora was found fully clothed and still clutching her car keys.

"He then went on to deny responsibility for her fall and claimed that she had jumped out of the window herself to try and commit suicide. However, there was no evidence that Dora had ever had any suicidal thoughts.

"I would like to thank all the witnesses in the case, including members of Dora's family and close friends. With your help Douglas has now been brought to justice."